African Nightcrawler Worm Castings

African Nightcrawler
(Endrilus Eugenia)

What are African Nightcrawlers? (or ANC for short)

ANC are a species of composting worms that are native to the warm regions of West Africa. ANC are used to recycle organic material to generate a biologically active and beneficial soil amendment. Using this system of recycling reduces waste that would otherwise be going to landfill. ANC eat more food by body weight than any other composting worm (up to 150% of their body weight/day).

Composting worms differ from earthworms in the fact they live near or above the soil surface. They are specialised for eating and converting decomposing organic material into rich worm castings or vermicompost.

Regular earthworms, in comparison, remove organic material and dive down deeper into the soil profile. Regular earthworms will not survive in indoor man-made conditions as they need to burrow deep and have other natural requirements.

What benefits come from African Nightcrawler castings or vermicompost?

ANC castings contain billions of beneficial micro-organisms and a wide array of plant-available macro and micro nutrients. The quality of castings is not from the type of worm, but the quality of the food they are fed. Quality input = quality output.

What are our Plan "B" Organics® ANC fed?

Our ANC supplier feeds their worms only the highest quality vegan inputs. They are fed a diet of peat and organic grain. Our ANC castings do not contain any other animal manures or animal by-products. The ANC farm is environmentally controlled to ensure the worms are happy 24/7 and to keep aerobic conditions at all times.

What is the difference between ANC and other worm castings?

ANC castings are larger and are of a more granular texture than castings from other composting worms. There are no sticks, seeds, or other debris, only pure granular Worm Castings

Ready to get started with ANC worm castings?

If you would like to experience the difference Plan "B" Organics® ANC worm castings can make, check out our range here. Our worm castings can be used in gardens, landscaping, containers and raised beds, for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, vines, trees and shrubs. Plan "B" Organics ANC worm castings are certified for organic agriculture production with CDFA Organic Registration.