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Mission Statement and Philosophy

Premium Fertilizers and Soil Amendments that are Pollinator Friendly™

Plan "B" Organics® is dedicated to creating a profitable enterprise through manufacturing and marketing the finest quality natural and organic fertilizers and by increasing awareness about natural soil management practices.

Plan "B" Organics® is committed to:

  • Building a collaborative style management system
  • Creating a knowledgeable human resource team in the field of natural soil management to facilitate organic fertilizer market development
  • Providing the highest quality organic fertilizers and natural soil amendments
  • Providing our customers with safe non-toxic products while supporting a reduction in the use of synthetic chemicals in our urban and rural environment

Paradigm Shift:

Over the last decade there has been a sea change in thought regarding the use of toxic chemicals in our environment. Plan “B” Organics® is embracing this change by offering environmentally friendly natural and organic fertilizers and soil amendments as a viable alternative for farming and garden applications. The success of these products is dependent upon natural soil management. Soil fertility, its ability to support life, is crucial. The concept of soil feeding plants is the natural organic approach, whereby organic matter and minerals are added to the soil, thereby increasing the potential for biological activity. In time, a natural resistance to disease may develop. (Refer to F.A.Q. #1 for a complete comparison to conventional fertilizers)

Experience and History:

Plan "B" Organics® has been manufacturing and distributing a “complete line” of organic fertilizers and soil amendments to farm and garden markets in Western USA since 2013. We have established distribution through independent garden centers for the public. Our General Manager has 23 years experience in the industry.

Plan "B" Organics® provides natural soil management solutions for certified organic farmers and gardeners as well as horticultural professionals. We inventory the largest selection of organic fertilizers and natural soil amendments in the Pacific Northwest to meet the specific nutrient requirements of our varied customers.

Product Quality:

All of our blended products are unique organic/natural formulations. They are not based on N-P-K technology. They are designed to increase biological activity, enhance natural biological processes and complete the mineral complex in the soil. This improves the soils ability to cycle nutrients naturally and increases plant vitality to an optimum level.

Product Performance:

Customer feedback has shown success in a number of horticultural and agricultural applications.There has been satisfaction with increased natural resistance to disease and pest infestation, drought and general stress along with a number of cost saving benefits.

What Plan "B" Organics®
can do for you is to provide valuable information for transitioning into natural soil management; provide premium quality natural fertilizers for your customer base; customize natural fertilizer products to meet your specific market needs; educate your staff on implementing natural soil management practices.


This is an innovative, ground breaking approach to external conditions changing the American horticultural industry. This is not about belief systems. This is about taking the opportunity to expand business by meeting customer needs in a changing market.