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Build a Compost Tea

The Base

The base contains the aerobic beneficial microbiology that is the engine that drives any living soil system. All bases can stand alone or be combined. Please see our Mixing Guide for more information.

African Nightcrawler Worm Castings
Composted Dairy Manure
TLB: Teak Leaves Blend™ *

* TLB: Teak Leaves Blend™ can be used as a stand alone Tea base as it contains the following ingredients: teak leaves, bat guano, rock phosphate, volcanic rock dust, volcanic ore, basalt dust, earthworm castings, vermicompost


These products contain both macro and micro nutrients that will become plant available when combined with beneficial microbiology. When combining more than one type of guano, be sure not to exceed a combined total of more than 15-30ml per Gal (3.75L) of water. Please see our Mixing Guide for more information.

Ultra Myco Plus™


Add combined ingredients into Honey Pot™ bag and suspend in clean water. Aerate and agitate water for 12-24 hours.